Friday, December 17, 2010

Reflective Blog Entry

  1. I have grown in many ways this year. One way is that, in my opinion, my creative ability has really taken off. I believe that I have really become much more comfortable in a creative setting. I have also changed as I have become a little bit more aware of those around me and how they feel as a result of my actions.

  1. I am most proud of my thematic causes project. It was one of my favorite moments because I was able to sit back and look at the finished project of all of my hard work. The project took a lot of time as we had to make it five minutes, and incorporate enough movement and content to keep everyone watching it interested.

  1. The most challenging project for me thus far was the Welcome Video. It was hard for me because it required me to use the creativity that I have always felt doesn’t come naturally. It also incorporated a bunch of freedom, which is always difficult for me to adjust to after being in well-outlined classes for all of my elementary schooling. Although, as soon as I embraced the freedom given to us, I began to crave more and more, as it allowed me to use the technology, which I am most native, to at any level I could push myself to. I was able to really express myself, and to allow my creativity to evolve into a stronger and more comfortable area.

  1. My favorite project by far was the Lincoln Douglas Debates. It was very fun to watch all of the people debate, and when you found something that didn’t work, you were able to use that for the next time you debated. The highlight of this project wasn’t being an evaluator and judging everyone else’s debates though. At the end of the debate, one of the lawyers on the side of Douglas side got sick. I was lucky enough to get to debate for him, and it may be the most fun I’ve ever had in this class. I really got into my role, and had a great time as I argued for the side of the not so popular Judge Douglas.

  1. In my opinion, the one thing that could make the next semester better, is if it was the same as the first :D…yes I know that makes absolutely no sense, but I think its true. We have had some great times this semester, and the project have been very fun and informative. I don’t know that I could have a better semester in the DLC.


  1. Jake, I've known you for most of the year starting off with having math together. I know some of the projects in the beginning of the year were tough, so it's great that you were able to do them so easily. Plus, it's awesome that you found some things at least a little challenging because everyone needs a challenge in their life because without challenges everyone in this world would be dying of boredom. The debate was tons of fun so it's good that even evaluators got to enjoy it, too. I hope that you will have a better 2nd semester.

  2. I agree how you have gotten a lot more creative and I think because I have been creative in an almost strange way i can really see how you change with your creativity. I really liked being able to look at a 5 minute project and say "wow i created that" too. Although, mine probably wasn't as impressive as yours was. I think the welcome video is the thing that showed your lack of creativity at the beginning of the year but then your Stephen Crane project showed all the progress you've made and thats just second quarter! I like how you touched upon the fact that the transition from elementary school to DLC was very hard, different, and maybe even a little awkward. The thing that made the welcome video challenging for me was that I was pretty clueless with technology before this year. Before I go deeper into reflection with you post i'd just like to say that I really wanted to fill in for Brian that day. I didn't really like that experience of the Lincoln Douglas debate because I didn't present very well under all the pressure of the evaluaters and the pressure of going first. I really enjoyed first quarter but I'm very open to change. What makes you want to keep the DLC the same as first quarter? What goals do you have for the creativity dilema you talked about?

  3. @Oliver
    I doubt that my thematic causes was any better than yours was, but thank you anyway. The DLC has really been the class that i have looked forward to throughout the year because it represented the ability for me to enjoy myself and relax with technology because that has always been the most comfortable area for me and i enjoy being able to use that strength in school. I want to just give myself more time to get my creative juices flowing, and to come up with the ideas for my projects.